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There are many viewing opportunities to see Alaska wildlife at Rainbow King Lodge; every fly-out puts you even further into the Alaskan wilderness. Alaska has over 430 species of birds, the largest population of bald eagles in the nation, and the largest carnivorous land mammal in the world, the brown bear. There are more than 50,000 black bears and 35,000 brown bears living in Alaska’s untamed wilderness: they’re lumbering through berry-covered hillsides, raising their young and slapping at salmon-choked rivers. From pygmy shrews that weigh less than a penny to gray whales that weigh anywhere from 16 to 45 tons, Alaska is the Last Frontier for animals as well as people. Species endangered elsewhere are still abundant in Alaska.
Lake Iliamna is home to a population of around 400 freshwater seals, which feast on fish and bask on the rocky islands at the lake’s northeastern end. In the distant past, ocean-going harbor seals migrated more than 60 miles up the Kvichak River and into the lake, where, enticed by the abundant salmon, they stuck around. Today, the Iliamna seals represent one of only five populations of freshwater seals in the world.

“More than just a fishing trip, a real life experience! I had a full week of non stop blast!
I am not a fisherman at heart and I didn’t need to be to enjoy one of the best weeks of my life. The area is incredible and what these guys offer is complete service to make you discover the area and fish to your heart’s content. If you ever get the opportunity get in touch with the guys over there and you will not regret your time. It’s Alaska in a 5 star with great beds, incredible service, fun area and fishing!!!” – Maxime Suisse