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Rated as one of the Best Alaska Fishing Lodges, Rainbow King provides guests access to exclusive fishing spots producing some of the finest specimens of fish you could ever hope to catch.

Rainbow King has a unique fishing program that offers mostly private access to many of the region’s best streams and rivers. Private licenses secure Dream Creek, Southeast Creek, Upper Copper, the Newhalen River Gorge, Gibralter, and others. We offer one of the longest and most productive salmon programs in all of Alaska. We have the very best Sockeye Salmon fishing in the Bristol Bay Region at our private access on the Newhalen River Gorge.
Accompanied by professional and knowledgeable guides, you are flown to where the best fishing can exists along rivers, streams, and lakes located across 110 square miles of privately licensed upland territory. We station jet boats and rafts on many of the rivers and streams we fish, using these we can get you upstream or down to where the very best fishing is. On days we get weathered in, we fish the Newhalen River and Newhalen Gorge only minutes away by car.

It’s an Alaskan fishing experience solely available through one of the best Alaska fishing lodges, Rainbow King Lodge.

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“This is Alaska fishing the way it should be experienced by everyone who has dreamt of going! Remote waters, fly in and out on Beaver DeHavilland’s, pristine conditions, knowledgeable guides, helpful staff, and lodging that relaxes and reenergizes you after a long day of catching! Great for experienced anglers and novices alike.” – Kirk S., August 2016