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Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge

One of the great remote and exclusive Alaska fly fishing lodges, Rainbow King Lodge with its private access to 110 square miles of premier fishing grounds, is the place for your next fishing adventure.

Whether it’s giant Rainbows, monster Kings, tackle busting Sockeye or even doormat size Halibut, Rainbow King will get you to the fish.  We provide individuals a truly unique fishing experience in the wild environments of Alaska where great catches are a daily occurrence. The lodge offers guests access to secret fishing spots producing some of the finest specimens of fish you could ever hope to catch. With access to professional fishing equipment, all you have to worry about is casting your line and reeling in your next trophy!  Accompanied by professional and knowledgeable guides, we will take you to where the best fishing is along rivers, streams, and lakes located across 110 square miles of privately licensed upland territory.
Trophy rainbows are the grand prize in Alaska. The gold standard is to break the 30-inch mark, and there is no better place to reach that goal than Rainbow King in late August and September. The rainbows begin fattening themselves on salmon eggs at the end of July and by September they’ve put on several pounds. Also, in September the ‘super’ rainbows move out of Lake Iliamna into the feeder creeks to fatten up for winter. Iliamna is the largest lake in Alaska and the September rainbows are often labeled “freshwater steelhead”. They are huge and usually, do not have the vibrant pink stripe the marks the river based rainbows.

At least one of the salmon species will be available at all times of the season, allowing you to plan your trip to include the species of your choice:

  • King Salmon run from mid-June to late July
  • Sockeye Salmon run from late June to early August
  • Pink Salmon from mid-July to mid-August
  • Chum Salmon from early July to mid/late August
  • Silver Salmon from early August to end of season in September

While all Salmon species will never run at the same time, the best overlap of runs will occur from mid to late July. Rainbow Trout are available throughout the season, with the largest and most plentiful being available during June and mid-August through September. Arctic Grayling fishing is always excellent, as is the Arctic Char and Northern Pike. Our lakes and rivers are catch and release for all species other than Salmon, ensuring the viability of the fishery for years to come.

Guest Safety

– Safety practices while fishing and in boats and rafts.

Rainbow King operates on two guests to one guide ratio. While fishing guests are under guide supervision, not only for fishing purposes but also safety purposes. No guest is left “alone” while in the Alaskan wilderness. While in boats or rafts guests wear a personal flotation device (PDF) and again are under the care of a guide who is supervising overall safety.
Any guide that operates a motorized boat is required by law to have a U.S. Coast Guard Six Pack Boating license. This is an extensive licensing process requiring classes and passing a lengthy test that ranges from boat safety to navigation techniques and course plotting. This license also requires a current CPR/First Aid credential as well as current healthy physical.
All guides are taught how to safely operate around bears and how to handle their guests around bears. We do not allow firearms as it would be much more dangerous to our guest’s safety.
All guides carry marine radios with them at all times when out. This allows them to communicate with the other guides on the trip, the planes or emergency channels in case of an emergency.

– Guides trained in CPR and basic EMT skills.

All guides have current CPR/First Aid training and credentials as well as training with automated external defibrillators (AED). Each plane has an extensive first aid/first responder kit as well as an AED. The lodge itself has an extensive EMT level first aid kit and an AED on premises at all times. Each trip that goes out has a basic first aid kit with the guide in addition to the first aid kit and AED with the plane.


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Rainbow King is the #1 premier guide, outfitter, and lodge in Alaska. There is nothing that compares in regards to the proprietary fishing locations, the lodging, the guides and staff, the equipment, and overall experience of Rainbow King. The food is prepared by top notch chefs and served by staff that are attentive to every little detail. Gus and the staff are the best guides in the world, regardless of your skill level. Bottomline, it’s the best fishing in all of AK, and maybe the world. Book your unforgettable trip with these guys…you‘ll be glad you did.” – Charles H.