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Trophy Rainbow Trout

The yellow strike indicator disappeared below the surface of Alaska’s Upper Newhalen River, followed almost instantly by a huge silver flash breaking the water down­stream. My fly line unspooled with a high-pitched whine as I quickly raised the tip of my rod, a reaction that by then had become second nature. Back and forth I had been doing this dance for three hours on the Newhalen, an icy river that feeds into Lake Iliamna, Alaska’s largest body of freshwater. Strike after strike, the flood of silver salmon, grayling, and massive rainbow trout was unceasing.
“How many places can you go and catch a 25-inch trout and say,’That’s not what I came for-I came for a 30-incher’?” a fellow guest of the Rainbow King Lodge asked me before the drive to the Newhalen Gorge that morning.
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Renewable Energy at Rainbow King

You will not here this at Rainbow King Lodge “Power is supplied by diesel generators, running 24 hours a day.”

Being part of the INN Electric all our electricity is generated by a hydroelectric plant just 12 miles from the lodge. Electric power has been generated by INNEC since 1983 using diesel generators located in the community of Newhalen. Fuel for these generators was transported up the Kvichak River and across Iliamna Lake. It should be noted that the Kvichak River is one the of the most important Sockeye Salmon rivers in all of Southwest Alaska. Full Article>>

Father and Son

Peter was slouched over asleep in the back seat of the De Havilland Beaver. A small stream of drool trickled down his chin and his breathing was heavy. Even though he was on the cusp of becoming a young man, I couldn’t help but think of him as a toddler asleep in his stroller fresh off a stint at our local park. After playing on the swing and in the sand box he would instantly fall asleep on the way home. Today, the drone of the airplane’s engine on the heels of a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call was enough to put him to sleep. He was plum tuckered out. Peter was 14 and his week of fishing in Alaska was coming to an end.
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Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge

The first question you need to ask yourself is what you want to experience. I’ve never been a fan of roughing it, so I never even considered a float trip down a river. However, if this is your style you’ll be happy that will provide an Alaskan wilderness experience like no other. I, on the other hand, enjoy returning to a hot shower and warm meal every night, so I am a big fan of well-appointed fishing lodges. One of my favorites is Rainbow King Lodge in Iliamna, which is an hour flight from the state’s largest city, Anchorage.
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