Newhalen Gorge near Rainbow King Lodge

Preparing For Alaska Fishing Trips


The fishing trip of your dreams is waiting for you at Rainbow King Lodge, where you’ll experience the best Alaska fly-fishing the state has to offer. Situated in an unspoiled environment, you’ll never see crowds of people hip to hip in rivers, engaging in what’s called combat fishing. Our private leases ensure exclusive access to more than 30 pristine streams and rivers that feed into Bristol Bay.

To ensure you will get the most out of your Rainbow King Lodge experience, our Alaska fly-fishing trips are six days and six nights long — available from June to September each year. Chances are, you’ll see more wildlife than other fishermen here, so be sure to nurture the dream by being ready.

Properly preparing for an Alaska fishing trip ensures the best possible experience.

Recommended Clothing and Personal Articles

We’ve compiled a checklist of necessary personal articles based on years of experience, which will ensure your comfort and safety during your stay with us.

Here’s what you need:

  • One pair of chest waders (Gortex preferred, but Neoprene will work)
  • One pair of wading boots (No lug or felt soles please)
  • 2-3 Polar Fleece or similar jacket for your layering system
  • 2-3 pair of medium weight long underwear (Capilene is recommended)
  • One pair fishing gloves, Polar Fleece or wool (Fingerless gloves work best)
  • One Polar Fleece vest or lightweight jacket
  • 2-3 long sleeve, button-down fishing shirts
  • Seven pairs of lightweight fishing socks that wick (Capilene is recommended)
  • Seven pairs of new wool fishing socks to go over the lightweight socks
  • Several pairs of underwear
  • One pair of tennis shoes for around the lodge
  • One good raincoat and make sure it is a top line brand. This WILL be your shield against Alaskan weather
    (Orvis, Simms, Patagonia and North Face are all good brands. Rain gear sold at the lodge for $235)
  • Three sets of lounging clothes for your time spent around the lodge (Such as sweats, jeans, T-shirts, etc…)
  • Normal toiletry/personal hygiene articles (We furnish all linens and soap)
  • Camera (Digital or film)
  • One pair nail clippers (Great for clipping leaders or tippets)
  • Two bottles of bug repellent (Cutters, Off and Bens are recommended brands made with Deet)
  • One pair polarized fishing glasses (A full line of Maui Jims and Action are sold at the lodge)
  • Small pocket knife (Always comes in handy!)
  • Any medications as needed


To ensure that you’re good to go from the moment you step off the plane from Anchorage, fill out the fishing license form online, print them, and either mail or fax them to us so that we can have them ready for you.


Although gratuities are left to guests’ discretion, it’s customary to tip staff between 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of their stay on Saturday evening, before their departure or on the last day of their trip. Because all staff shares the responsibility for ensuring guests have a stellar stay, they also share gratuities. There’s no need to seek them individually when it comes time to show your thanks.

Please feel free to contact us at your convenience if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to talk with you about anything from the fly-fishing equipment you’ll need to the type of desserts prepared by our skilled chefs in our gourmet kitchen.


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